Dental Cleaning and Hygiene

Are You Due for a Cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings are crucial to oral health and gum disease prevention. While adequate care at home is essential to maintain good oral health and keep harmful bacteria from causing disease or decay, professional cleanings are vital. Only a dental professional can thoroughly and comfortably remove stubborn plaque and tartar deposits that collect on the teeth. There are a number of different instruments that are used during a dental cleaning to effectively get the job done.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Using a specialized instrument called an Ultrasonic scaler, sound waves and vibrations thoroughly remove bacteria that would otherwise eventually lead to dental disease. This tool emits a cool mist of water that works to eliminate debris while maintaining an appropriate temperature in the patient's mouth. This powerful tool does what regular dental gadgets at home can't do (and can leave a patient's mouth feeling significantly clean and smooth)!


A dental polishing will clean and smooth the surfaces of the teeth, making it harder for bacteria to stick. Polishing is performed with a special slow speed instrument containing a spinning soft rubber cup at the end. A gritty polishing paste known as prophylaxis is scooped into this cup and spun around on the surfaces of the teeth, leaving them smooth and shiny.


Fine hand tools known as scalers and curettes work to scrape off smaller deposits of tartar after the larger pieces have been removed. These curved tools are carefully used on the teeth with little to moderate pressure.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment may be applied as a final step to strengthen the teeth. This foam or gel is offered in many different flavours - including strawberry, mint, cherry, chocolate, watermelon and pina colada! A flexible foam tray is used to apply the fluoride to the teeth for 30 seconds.

Always let us know about any concerns or discomfort during a cleaning. Common problems to address during a dental cleaning include tooth sensitivity, bad breath, bleeding gums and dry mouth.

We want your dental cleaning experience to be an enjoyable one! Book an appointment with Bright Life Dental today. Our patients love leaving our office with a dramatically fresher mouth!

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