Endodontic Care

Root Canal Therapy: Save That Tooth!

You may be wondering - "what exactly is involved during a root canal treatment, and will I ever need one?" If you've never experienced the procedure for yourself, it's great to get familiar with the basics. Without this procedure, a patient would have no choice but to extract their tooth!

When might I need Root Canal Therapy?

When a patient's tooth becomes infected or experiences significant trauma, a root canal treatment can save their tooth and save them from a lot of pain. Tooth decay is the most common cause, as it can damage the pulp to the point where a root canal is required. On the other hand, trauma from a sport-related incident, car accident or even an unexpected hard bite while eating can injure the tooth, damaging its living tissue and requiring root canal therapy.

What should I expect if I ever need Root Canal Therapy?

Our endodontist will remove the tooth's diseased pulp and fill the root canal system with a special gutta percha filling material. Lastly, the tooth is capped with a natural looking, tooth-resembling crown. While some patients choose against receiving a crown to save more money, this is not recommended. After the tooth is filled, it's at risk for fracture. A crown will prevent any damage by providing strength and support.

Bright Life Dental happily administers local anesthetics to patients receiving root canal treatments for a comfortable and pain-free experience. Don't pull that troubled tooth - let us help you save it!

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