Sedation Dentistry

Calm Your Nerves with Sedation Dentistry!

The team at Bright Life Dental wants to make sure that our patients receive the most comfortable and anxiety-free experience when they visit us.

Are you a dentist-dodger?

Millions of patients fear the dentist! Dental phobia is a serious condition that causes some to constantly put off important dental visits, which can lead to a variety of different health problems.

Dental phobia can begin in childhood after a scary or unpleasant dental visit, or can even be triggered later on as an adult after a bad dental experience. Some others suffer from this phobia as an unfortunate side effect to traumatic incidents that may have occurred in their past.

To help with these feelings of anxiety that many experience, we provide various types of sedation services to patients.

These options include:

  1. Nitrous oxide.
    Also known as "laughing gas", a mask is placed over the patient's nose to help them feel more at ease. The dentist has control over the level of sedation a patient will receive, and patients can drive themselves home after their appointment.
  2. Oral sedation.
    Patients can choose to receive minimal to moderate sedation. This type of sedation comes in the form of a pill, causing feelings of drowsiness and relaxation.
  3. IV moderate sedation.
    Similar to oral sedation but not in pill form, patients will receive the drug through a vein. The dentist will continually have control over the level of sedation administered.
  4. General anesthesia.
    This form of deep sedation will put patients to sleep. They cannot be easily awakened while receiving this medication. General anesthesia is best for patients with extreme anxiety.

The dentist will help you decide which option is best for you after listening to your concerns and evaluating your medical history. We can then provide you with the right method of sedation to accompany any dental service for a comfortable experience.

If you suffer from any dental anxiety or dental phobia, please let us know!

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